The Executive Leaders of Jackson County is a professional networking organization devoted to increasing business through contact with other professionals.


Once a week we meet and network with other business owners and professionals here in the Rogue Valley. This helps cultivate business relationships and keep them strong and healthy.


Weekly speakers lead discussions and educate members on a wide variety of topics and issues that are relevant to businesses in the region.

Get More Leads

Referral networking can really make a difference for your business when the other members actively refer and recommend your products and services to friends, families and others they meet in their own businesses.

About Us

The Executive Leaders of Jackson County was started in 2004 to allow business professionals to trade information and promote referrals and provide leads to other members of the group.

While the main goal is to refer people to your business, we also support and promote a healthy business climate here in Medford.


We aim to provide an opportunity to increase our sphere of influence and bring value for our current clientele by referring them to other trusted professionals within the group. Share referrals with confidence that those receiving them are Executive Leaders who maintain high business, moral and ethical standards, and conduct business with a positive attitude and integrity.


Weekly meetings consist of Member introductions and announcements followed by a brief presentation. Every member is afforded the opportunity to present their specific products and services on a rotating schedule. The goal is to get to know each other and be confident in the services each member provides. It is expected, not mandatory, that members do business with fellow members whenever possible. Members are expected to attend our weekly meetings and bring one valid lead each week.



Want to Join?

By working together, we can increase our business while offering more to our current clientele. If you are interested in joining the Executive Leaders of Jackson County, please contact Kathleen Crawford, the Jacksonville Tax Lady.


We look forward to meeting you and hope you are a good fit for our group.